New Year, New Lost Boyz Inc.

Happy New Year All

South Shore Reds

South Shore Reds

I hope that as you move from 2015 into 2016 that you are of good spirit and cheer, and that you have a solid plan for this year to come.  Lost Boyz had a lot of highlights in 2015, from another 10U League Championship by the South Shore Reds, to honoring Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White with our first annual Joe Black Humanitarian Award.  It was indeed a memorable year, but we have such great enthusiasm, hope, and plans for 2016.  Already 2016 is off to a great start, we are into the second quarter of our fiscal year and have already reached our mid-point of expected revenue with only continued growth projected.  Recruiting events were strong, and Winter Clinic is off to its best start ever with an average session attendance of 20 participants, up from an average of 10 in 2015.

>We have grown our Fundraising & Events Committee and created a Grants Sub-committee under its direction.  We have also revamped our Social Media & Marketing Committee as well as our Program Committee, brought on a new Board Member and currently recruiting three other influential Illinoisans who will be tremendous champions for our cause.  We have increased our volunteer pool by 25%, cemented a few new partnerships, and improved our programs.  Lastly, we recently launched our new and improved website, so be sure to visit it, frequently.

All of this awesome progress is credited to us developing a strong and robust plan through committed Fundraising and Events Volunteers as Summer Concertvolunteers.  As we continue to move into 2016 we are convinced even more that proper planning is the key to our organizational success.  Armed with that belief, we are making sure to transmit that feeling across our organizational culture all the way down to our youth participants.  The moral we want to highlight is that planning is invariably tied to one’s success, be it personal or professional.  With that in mind we ask that this year and forward you make us part of your plan; whether it is by charitable giving, volunteerism, active support on social media, or attending an event or game.  We want to be a household name and that only happens if you see us as part of your plan.

We have some very ambitious goals in 2016 and we need your help to achieve them so that we can positively impact the lives of over 100 south side youth who are watching their friends and family members drop like flies to violence, poverty, racism, and classism.  Don’t look at us as a charity case, but as an investment, a social investment.  According to a study by the Vera Institute of Justice, corrections related cost alone to Illinois taxpayers hovers around $1.7 billion annually, which equates to roughly $135 per tax payer. The annual cost to care for an inmate is over $38,000. For every $1 or 1 hour you invest in us on the front end, we will save you a ton of tax dollars you would have spent on the back end paying for prison stays, court cost, and other social services related to delinquency for that same kid.

You are therefore impacted by what happens in every neighborhood in every corner of Illinois, so why not plan to be positively impacted?  Plan to win by investing in us and watch us reduce that cost to the general public, at least in our case we plan to save Illinois taxpayers $3.8 million dollars somewhere down the line by keeping our youth away from the prison system.  If that’s not a winning plan, I don’t know what is.

See you soon,

LaVonte Stewart