Cubs Charities Diamond Project Award

We are pleased to announce that the Cubs Charities Diamond Project has awarded a grant to our organization that will help fund our MVP Youth Baseball & Softball Program! The goal of the Diamond Project is to expand opportunities for children to play baseball and softball and to improve the quality and safety of playing fields. And this grant will do just that! Funds will be used to contribute towards league fees, athletic insurance, uniform expenses, and transportation for up to 105 youth participants this year.

Since the official incorporation of the charity in 1986, Cubs Charities and Cubs Care together have donated more than $25 million. Proudly, Cubs Charities donations have expanded by more than 40 percent since the Ricketts family assumed control of the team. On average, in each year of their ownership, Cubs Charities and Cubs Care donated $2.29 million to nonprofit organizations and programs serving youth and families in need.

Thank you again to the Chicago Cubs Charities. We are truly honored to have your support this season.