Benefits of an Assassin (by Xenia Nassour)

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assasinscreedSince I was in Kindergarten, I’ve enjoyed playing video games on a variety of consoles. As I grew up, I began to understand more and more of what the characters were saying: not just the profanity, but the some of the educational messages. That’s what I like about the series Assassin’s Creed: it allows players to learn while playing. In Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, everything is set in early 1500’s Rome, where the Borgia family was at the peak of its power. The Pope at the time was a Borgian himself, which gave the family a huge advantage when it came to gaining land. The game follows everything up to the fall of the Borgia’s rule in Rome, and allows players to do things such as explore the colosseum and collect period paintings.

Despite the game’s violence and profanity, it’s an opportunity for your child to learn some history. That way, when they go into high school, they’ll already know all about the Papal States during the pre-enlightenment period.