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Category Archives: News

Six Degrees of Separation

Below is an article about the classic theory of Six Degrees of Separation and how it helps organizations:  Basically what the Six Degrees of Separation is is a process that helps non-profit businesses like Lost Boyz Inc get around where more people would know about it. For example, what if I know a person who […]

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Social Media Knowledge

Last Saturday, our interns learned about blogging and social media outlets. Below are two articles:  “What are the causes of blogging? And why do people blog?”  Saturday we talked about blogging. People blog to give out information, and just to talk about things. People blog because people on the other side need that information to see what the […]

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Visit to Garfield Conservatory

Last weekend, our interns and baseball players visited the Garfield Conservatory on the West side of Chicago. Following is an article written by Dorian Hudson. “Why does the Garfield Conservatory tend to attract more visitors from outside of its own neighborhood? And what could make the local residents more willing to visit?” The Garfield Conservatory […]

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The Four P’s of Marketing

On Saturdays, our interns learn about various aspects of Marketing and Marketing Research. Below is an article about the Four P’s of Marketing, written by Darkell Fryer. Last Saturday, we learned about the four p’s of marketing. The first P would be product, such as what a company sells. Examples include burgers, clothing, jewelry and other […]

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Recently, our interns and our baseball players went to an Anti Bullying Summit downtown at the Access Living Center. Below is a report of the summit from one of our talented journalists, August Averett: What is bullying? I don’t think there is an agreed definition for bullying. It can take many forms physical, verbal, and […]

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