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Category Archives: Vontes Voice

Vonte’s Voice – April 2017

Hello Everyone, This has been a remarkable month filled with extreme elation and bottomed-out depression.  This month started off really great: our numbers across the program are pretty solid, and funding opportunities and donations have been very steady. The highlight was us winning the Renewal Awards sponsored by Allstate and the Atlantic. We were one […]

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Vonte’s Voice – February 2017

Hello Friends, Happy New Year! We are so glad to usher in 2017. Although 2016 was a great year for us, 2017 holds much more promise. We have hit the ground running already — our office is open and operating well (Thanks to CYC Director Christy B. and her staff), Winter Clinic registration is beyond […]

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Vonte’s Voice – October 2016

Hello Friends, It has been one heck of a year!  This year we played one softball and one baseball team through fall ball, a short ten game season packed into six weeks of competition.  Summer was great, but Fall was a dream; every game was played in the magnificent Curtis Granderson Stadium at the University […]

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United we stand, divided we fall

Hello Friends, It is fantastic to be writing to you again! Each month I eagerly anticipate writing my column, but also struggle with the topic to cover. With the recent shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile as well as the five police officers in Dallas, Lorne Ahrens, Michael Krol, Michael Smith, Brent Thompson and […]

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Happy Father’s Day

Hello My Friends, It’s good to be writing you again as we begin to slip into almost everyone’s favorite season of the year, summer summer summertime!!  Our programs are up and running, of course there always fixes to make, but I am confident we can fix them. I’ve noticed as the weather heats up, so do […]

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Program Update

Hello my friends, It’s great to be writing to you as usual, I often look forward to this opportunity to share with you what is happening in our world.  The season is officially off to a roaring start, and the kids and coaches are off and running!!  The Lady Bolts have a good jump with two […]

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An Ode to A Legacy

Hello Friends, It always seems long between the times I write to you, and as usual many things have transpired professionally and personally.  We have kicked things up into high gear as we are rolling through Spring Training and about 2 weeks out until the summer season starts. So far this year is looking very […]

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Henry English

Hello Friends, Sadly we are grieving this week, as Illinois, Chicago, and specifically the South Shore community lost one of our greatest leaders to a tragic car accident.  Henry L. English founded and ran the largest African-American self-help organization in the state.  I met Henry in 2009 and he instantly became a father figure to me, […]

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Quardell’s Story

Hi Friends, So far 2016 is off to a confounding start. Most people choose only to see the good and say that the year is off to a fantastic start, but organizations like Lost Boyz have to look at things in it’s entirety and say we are off to a mixed start. I guess where you […]

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