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Category Archives: Vontes Voice

Mid-Season Report

July always brings the midway point to most summer activities; baseball particularly elects to host an “All-Star Week”.  This week highlights the excellence in a league by showcasing its teams’ best players and coaches on a mega team.  Sometimes there are competitions to showcase skill, such as the Homerun Derby. Also the All-Star Week signifies […]

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And I’m Back!

Hey! I’m glad to see you again…boy do I have a lot to talk about!  The month of June has been a roller coaster of emotions for me personally and professionally as a coach.  We have switched into high gear game mode and social awareness and conscientiousness mode. First I will discuss game mode.  The first […]

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Dear Joe…

Today I start a new journey as it relates to Lost Boyz Inc., I will be doing a monthly editorial in our newsletter called “Vonte’s Voice”.  So this is the first of hopefully many to come.  Saturday was supposed to be the joyous day of my Spring with the first games of 2013 scheduled for […]

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