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Sports Journalism Team

The Sports Journalism Team is an After School Matters program, where young creative minds apply their journalism skills to cover what's happening at LostBoyz.

Meet the Staff:

Managing Editor/Instructor:
David Robinson

Chief Editor:
Ariel Gans

Ariel Gans


A young man 16 years of age named Koby Keith, was born and raised in Bellbrook, Ohio. He is very intelligent with a bright future. Activities that please him in his leisure time are watching sports such as collegiate baseball, basketball, and football. He also enjoys watching professional baseball, basketball, football, and hockey. He's a pretty good football player and, he enjoys playing his game console Xbox 1. Koby Keith is very athletic the sports he enjoy playing are football, baseball, and basketball. His experience with these sports has inspired him to become an ESPN sports anchor one day. I'm sure he would broadcast about his favorite teams which are the Greenbay Packers, Cleveland Indians, Cleveland Cavaliers, Columbus Blue jackets, and the Tampa bay Lightning. This young man attends Kenwood high school in the Hyde Park area on the south side of Chicago. After graduating in 2017, he plans on attending Ohio’s Central State University in the fall of 2017. Being the smart young man he is, I'm sure when Koby receives his degree from central state university he will become a great sports anchor.
Born and raised on the southwest side of Chicago, 17-year-old Justin Wesley attends Urban Prep Charter Academy Englewood Campus, where he spends most of his time listening to music and playing baseball. Justin hopes to one day play baseball professionally or be a sports reporter at either Ohio State University or Missouri State University. Along with martial arts, it’s no surprise that one of Justin’s favorite sports to watch is baseball. He loves to watch the Chicago White Sox and mixed martial artist Anderson Silva on TV.
(Written by T’Keyah Moore) Loving brother and son , Khiry is loved by all. Born into a family as the eleventh child on May 3rd , 1998 , Khiry has a personality that shines through the skies. He is often described by his peers as funny , and he is known for being the life of the party. Khiry grew up on the South-side of Chicago , where he played sports in the park and eventually developed a love for basketball and baseball. Out of everyone he knew, he was the best on the court. During his teenage years, Khiry attended Morgan Park High School. There he made new friends , who are still there until this day.

Khiry grew to like two of Chicago’s very own sports teams: the Chicago Bulls , and Chicago’s White Sox . He went to every game and has all of their merchandise being their number one fan. He dreamed of becoming an NBA star and an entrepreneur. He also aspires to be rich before he turns 20. He wants to live the lavish lifestyle, and to help do so he’s attending Southern Illinois University this fall. Khiry’s past educators called him creative , intelligent, and inspiring. Like his family , they encouraged him to do outstanding in school. They motivated him and kept him strong when he was weak and he did the same for them.
Overall , Khiry is full of life. He’s there when you need him and he is following his dreams to become rich before he’s 20.

Khiri Taggart

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T'Keyah Moore

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