Soldier Field Concession Volunteering

Hello Everyone,

We are so excited about the opportunity to fundraise for Lost Boyz at Soldier Field! Because this is such a new area for us we want to really make sure
that we have a large pool of committed volunteers ready and able to contribute to the success of our organization.

At this time, we are seeking volunteers of 3 types:

Individual volunteers:

These are individuals who have some extra time and can commit to at least one event but ideally would commit to multiple. I ask that everyone
receiving this email share it with anyone they know who may want to help out even a little bit so that we can get a handful of these ready to step in.
if anyone here has any volunteer hours they need signed off on or would like to use this for resume building and LinkedIn building information we would
be happy to corroborate this information.

Corporate/Organizational volunteers:
Usually companies commit entire groups to do a handful of events throughout the year. We’re currently working with three companies at the moment who
are interested in committing a few volunteers for several events and one that may want to commit volunteers for up to a year. If anyone’s employer
might be interested in something like this for VTO (Volunteer Time Off) or company sponsored events, please have them reach out to me so we could
discuss the details. We may be able to offer them a silver level sponsorship if they can help us raise a minimum level of dollars.

Parent volunteers:
If you are a parent with a child in one of our programs interested in volunteering with us we understand that you’re contributing even more time than
we already ask of you. Especially because although we exist to serve you, by you coming out to support us you prove to us that you believe in our
program. As such, we are willing to count time served per event as $25 paid towards your child’s fees.

Volunteer Requirement:
All volunteers must be at least 18 years of age. We serve alcohol at all of our stands, and the cashiers selling it must be 21+ years of age. The
stadium provides a complimentary training at the stadium to ensure that all volunteers are properly equipped to operate the stand and are familiar with
their policies. Most of the concessions stands take 11-12 people to operate efficiently, so they strongly request that we commit to at least 11 people
per event. They also require each group to work a minimum number of events per year. This number is comprised of 10 home Bears games (2 pre-season, 8
regular season) as well as concerts, soccer games, etc. that are held at Soldier Field throughout the year.

We will coordinate schedules to make sure we can commit 11 people at all these events but we ask that you remain as flexible as can be so that this
process is smooth for everyone involved.

How much can we earn?:
All groups earn 7% commission on their alcohol sales and 8% commission on non-alcohol sales. If we fundraise in a grill stand (one of our more
complicated food concepts), it’s possible to earn up to $1000 per event as long as our paperwork balances at the end of the day. Some groups that
fundraise in smaller, more simple stands typically earn around $600 when they balance.

When can you volunteer?:
The 2016 summer season at Soldier Field starts in May and while a complete schedule has not been solidified, below are the events that have been
confirmed so far.

We’ve already received a lot of requests to volunteer at the Beyonce concert.  To be fair to our volunteers, we will pick
volunteers for the Beyonce concert based on the
number of events you have signed up to attend.


5/27 Beyonce

5/28 Beyonce

6/5 COPA Soccer

6/7 COPA Soccer

6/10 COPA Soccer

6/22 COPA Soccer

7/23 Coldplay

7/24 Coldplay

11/5 Rugby


If you’re interested in joining our volunteer list, please email
to sign up!