July Spotlight

This month, we would like to put the spotlight on Jajuan Washington! Jajuan is a member of our Patriots youth baseball team and has been playing with Lost Boyz for two years. When interviewing him, we found out that he not only enjoys the sport of baseball, but he also enjoys fishing and camping in the summer. According to the Patriots coach LaVonte, “Jajuan is an amazing kid. He’s always on time, ready to work hard, and dedicated to his team, the program, and the community. His day dreams of playing college and pro baseball are inspiring; he’s got to be the sweetest kid in the organization.”
Jajuan’s mom loves having him participate in our programs as well and had this to say, “It’s not only baseball. They do other activities as well and he has father figures, good male role models.”
In the fall, Jajuan will be a sixth grader at Powell Elementary where he loves learning math skills. Thanks for being part of the team Jajuan! We are so grateful to have you.