Vonte’s Voice – February 2017

Hello Friends,

Happy New Year! We are so glad to usher in 2017. Although 2016 was a great year for us, 2017 holds much more promise. We have hit the ground running already — our office is open and operating well (Thanks to CYC Director Christy B. and her staff), Winter Clinic registration is beyond our goal, SYL registration has doubled compared to last year, and we have brought on new part-time staffers, program volunteers, and committee people.

This year our budget demands a revenue goal three times that of last year. So we are really going to need your help in hitting our mark before spring arrives.

Like anything in life though, we have our challenges and struggles, but what makes me so proud of this organization is the fortitude, grit, and dignity of our board, staff, participants and parents. Each day is a challenge, but more importantly each day is a new opportunity. It is like the age old adage of “is the glass half empty or half full?”. Our model and passion dictates of course that the glass is half full. By focusing on the positive attributes of the kids and leveraging the good relationships we establish, the stage is always set for positive youth development. Punitive approaches that focus on the deviant, bad, or negative attributes never work and only cause kids to recoil, quit, and become less open.

DSC00374At Lost Boyz we are adamantly against any forms of bullying, racism, sexism, any kind of “ism” or discrimination. That will be on our minds and hearts heavily this year as our children question us about the future with so much uncertainty lingering in the air. For us this is compounded by coming off of the most violent year in Chicago’s history since the 1990’s, and there are no promising signs that it is going to let up in 2017. So now more than ever we really need you to stick by our side and continue to shower us with your support. However you choose to support us is your decision, but as the old Nike slogan goes “Just Do It”, and in a way that is most comfortable and meaningful to you.
Stay tuned and keep us in your thoughts and hearts for 2017.