June Spotlight – Na’Kasha Smith

Na’Kasha Smith, aka Kasha, is 12 years old and currently a 7th grader at Horace Mann Elementary. She is a member of the Lady Boltz team and has been playing with Lost Boyz for the past 3 years when our inaugural girls’ softball team was created. Her mom is actually the organization’s Head Softball Coach! Kasha mainly pitches for the team, but has been known to play other positions on the infield as well. Recently, Na’Kasha won 1st place in the MLB Pitch, Hit, and Run competition held earlier this month. In fact, she performed so well that she was invited to the MLB Allstar game for the National Championship at the White Sox Stadium on Sunday, June 25th. She’ll be the only player representing Lost Boyz that day. Wow, we’re so excited and can’t wait to cheer her on.

Not only does this athlete shine on the field, but she shines in school as well. This fall, Na’Kasha will be an 8th grader with plans to attend DePaul College Prep in the fall of 2018.

We’re so proud of Na’Kasha. She’s a team leader. She excels academically. And she’s a great softball player. Keep it up Kasha!