Meet the Coaches

Mother Before Coach

Coach Lee Smith, Lost Boyz, Inc. MVP Coordinator, girls program coordinator, and softball coach, is a mother before all. She’s not just a mother to her daughter, she’s a mother to her team.

Lost Boyz, Inc. welcomed ladies to the field in 2014. According to the  Lost Boyz’s website, the program  offers “… mentorship opportunities, summer internships, service learning projects…” for all players alike.

Smith and her players have an unbreakable bond. In a recent interview, she declared, “… these girls have seen their friends killed in front of them […] raped and they still play the game of ball and some girls still maintain a 4.0 grade point average.” She creates a comfortable and trustworthy environment for her team.

Although the team has great chemistry, Smith admitted to wanting her team to be a bit more focused and motivated during games. She said,“They fire during practice; they freeze and let the opponents get to the […] they give up on themselves.”

Coach Smith believes in her girls and wants them to excel on and off the field. She is their key to success.

Batting with Coach Cooper

Coach Cooper was looking for a chance to give his life a purpose and Lost Boyz was the opportunity he was looking for.
Four years ago, Coach Cooper stumbled upon Lost Boyz via He felt that the other programs he previously volunteered for wasted his time. He states, “Lost Boyz has given me a sense of purpose and a feeling that, maybe, I belong somewhere as opposed to having a job and making money.”
Coach Cooper doesn’t regret his decision of choosing Lost Boyz. What he enjoys about Lost Boyz the most is that “It’s someone from the community rather than someone trying to change the community.”
Cooper’s favorite thing about working with the youth is the relationships he developed with them. “Being able to develop a relationship with kids is something that’s very important to me… you have to make sacrifices but they’re worth it.” He said he puts all his time and energy into these kids and he wouldn’t change a thing.