February 2018 Spotlight – Ashawntee Blackman

Ashawntee Blackman is our February participant spotlight player. Ashawntee attends Edward Coles Language Academy and is currently in the sixth grade. Her favorite subject is math because this subject challenges her to study more; she enjoys helping and assisting her classmates who struggle with math too.

Ashawntee has been playing with Lost Boyz since the summer of 2017. She had heard of softball but never played the sport before joining Lost Boyz. Her current positions are third base and outfield. This year Ashawtee wants to try out for catcher to challenge herself.  This will also help her strive to become captain of the team.

Ashawntee’s favorite activity with Lost Boyz so far was Earth Day last year. She enjoyed planting new trees and raking leaves. Even though it was raining that day she enjoyed every minute helping the earth. “We used natural supplies to help the trees grow and clean up the community.” Ashawntee looks forward to the upcoming season and new activities Lost Boyz has in store.