Heart Of The Game and Heart For The Players

by Lexus Jackson-Watkins

Lavonte Stewart is a Baseball Coach for the Lost Boyz Inc. Predators boy baseball team. He is a well known respected Coach. The Predators played a very good game on  July. 7, 2018 against Hallison Park Phillies this wasn’t the two teams first encounter and Lavonte said he admires the other team coach. The Predators walked away with a win. The game was held at the Lost Boyz Inc. Home terf. Coach Lavonte if a firm but fair coach you can tell that he actual has a heart for the game and his players.

On the day of the game he showed that he that there is a time for fun and games and that there is a time to have fun with your head in the game. He made sure that he’s players did not make themself look bad when they seem to lose a bit of focus in the dugout; if the did he nipped it in a bud real quick he doesn’t like for himself or his team to look bad. Lavonte shows his players that this is a “gentleman’s game” he stated during the press conferences that he would have let up after 10 runnings. He feels good about the results of the game on Saturday. He states “this is a thinking man and woman game”.

Lavonte feels good about the win that his team earned on Saturday. The next thing on the agenda for the Predators is play offs. He showed calmness but happiness in a gentlemanly way about playoffs. He thinks his team is fine tuned for play offs. Only thing to do is wait and see