When The Going Gets Tough, Don’t Give Up

by Lexus Jackson-Watkins

Alianan Alcala (#9) from the Hallison Park Phillies baseball team is the only female on her team. She has been playing for 3 years but wishes she started sooner so she could be a better player now. Her dad is also a Coach for the Hallison Park Phillies. He is the one who got her interested and got her into playing baseball. Despite her being the only female on her team she doesn’t let that get her down. She says it just makes her “try harder”. Alcala feels that she will become a better player and by being the only female on the team she feels like one of the boys. She says she’s just another teammate.

Alcala played a good game on July 7, 2018 even though the Hallison Park Phillies Baseball team did not win the game; she still feels good about the outcome because she knows it’s apart of becoming a better baseball player. She didn’t see the game as just walking away with a lose but walking away with a lesson. She plans on working on running and pushing herself harder to only become a better Baseball player. She might not been playing as long as everyone else but you wouldn’t be able to tell because she pushes herself. She is a tough baseball player.

Alianna Alcala plans on continuing to work hard and get better for what’s next for her and the team and that’s Playoffs. She states that she is “happy” about what’s next but “nervus”.  She surely know that she would be a much better baseball player if her dad had started her sooner but no reason to cry over spilled milk. Alcala seems super pumped about playoffs. And like any other player, she plans on helping her team win.