Trailblazers: Ida B. Wells

– Da Jane’ Bose

Ida Wells was a black journalist looking for a way to educate the blacks about how the white man was controlling them, and the white man did not like that, but she continued to spread the word even with the consequences.

She, Ida Wells, was born into slavery on July 16,1862. During the Civil War she lost her parents and some of her siblings, so she worked and found writing and she chose to educate her black community, the communities where segregated. Before becoming a journalist she was a teacher, and this is where she seen how bad the white man was doing the blacks. While the white people was getting eighty dollars for teaching she only got thirty because she was a black teacher. Another situation that made her interested in journalism is when she would not give up her seat, and got dragged off the train for doing so. She later sued because discrimination was illegal, she won her case. The last thing that made Wells interested in journalism is the murder of her friends. Wells went into looking at charges and the very little detail to understand the murder of her friends. She found that her friend was killed by lynching, a group of people who kill with one another. Due to the death of her friends she found the drive to look into other lynching cases and she published a book that would education women about men raping and killing them in groups. While doing this she was threatened a lot so she moved to be safe and to continue to educate not only black women.

In conclusion, Ida Wells went through a lot of obstacles, but she was able to get over them and educate the black community about serious crimes and educate the blacks about what the whites were trying to keep from them.