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Here are some things to know as you consider donating to our organization:

How much should I donate?

  • $3,000 could pay for park fees, umpire fees, athletic insurance, transportation to away games, and 10 baseball caps for one team for an entire summer!
  • $1,200 could buy new caps and jerseys for two teams.
  • $500 could sponsor an awards banquet for one very amazing and truly deserving youth baseball team.
  • $200 could fund transportation to a Service Learning event, such as a visit to the Field Museum.
  • $75 could pay for one child to be involved in our spring and summer youth baseball program for the summer season.
  • $50 could pay for 5 hours of tutoring for our youth.
  • $25 could buy 3 pairs of uniform pants for one our youth participants.

Why donate?

Much of South Shore’s youth lack discipline and appropriate outlets for stress relief.  Many of the youth lack adult guidance and character development; this group tends to be swayed by gangs as a way of finding some guidance and identification. Peer to peer mentoring with a lack of adult involvement and supervision has promoted the unhealthy development of toxic character assets, essentially disabling youth before adulthood. By belonging to gangs, children are being avoided and written off by many adults, thereby sidestepping mentoring and corrective engagement. The uniqueness of Lost Boyz Inc. is the intentional targeting of youth suffering from traumatic issues such as gang involvement, juvenile delinquency, abuse, mental disparities, and correctional detention. By providing youth baseball and youth leadership building programs we provide an alternative and positive “gang” for young people to acquire discipline, build character, learn teamwork, and enhance academic learning while giving back to the community.

The programs are geared to apply the Positive Youth Development model in order to establish a strong personal and moral foundation, contributing to a united community fabric over time with consistency and familiarity. Although many affluent and professional African-Americans call South Shore home, the area continues to be plagued by violence and instability. The South Shore community experienced record-high violence in 2009; violence against youth was particularly high that year.  In addition, the city of Chicago as a whole continues to experience higher crime rates than the national average.  According to, the Chicago crime index in 2010 was 181 compared to the U.S. average of 100 and an Illinois average of 97.  

Where does my money go?

87% of donations are used to directly benefit participants in our programs. Money for the youth baseball and softball teams will be used to buy athletic insurance, uniforms, accessories, athletic equipment and to pay park and umpire fees for games.  Money for the SYL Program will be used to pay for service learning activities and any other costs associated with operating the academic portion of the program, including guest speakers.

The remaining 13% of donations are used to pay for administrative expenses, such as printing, advertising, volunteer and staff background checks, and software. Because many of our participants are from low-income families, donations are greatly appreciated. According to, 29.0% of South Shore’s residents were living below the poverty line in 2011, while only 15.0% of Illinois residents lived below the poverty line in that same year.

Is my donation tax-deductible?

Yes. Lost Boyz Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization, meaning that you can record your donation on your tax forms as a gift to charity. For further questions, please contact our Treasurer Jataun Martin at

How can my company become involved with Lost Boyz Inc.? What are the benefits that we will receive?

If your company would like to sponsor either the baseball program or the SYL program, please contact Jataun Martin directly at (773)245-6804 or by email at  Also, please visit our Wall of Fame page to directly download our sponsorship package.

How else can I help besides donating money?

There are plenty of ways to help Lost Boyz besides donating money!

  • Volunteer with us! If you think you qualify for a Board or volunteer position, please fill out our Volunteer Sign-Up Form.
  • Go shopping on Amazon SmileOnce you reach this website, please select our organization as the one you would like Amazon to donate to. Every time you shop, Amazon will donate 0.5% of the price of your eligible Amazon Smile purchases.
  • Spread the Word! Tell your friends and family about Lost Boyz, our mission, and our programs. One of the best tools nonprofits can use is Word of Mouth Marketing and it can’t be done without supporters like you!